7.5 gauge RR

The John & Bonnie Shortline Railroad is my retirement project. It is meant for the family to enjoy and is not open to the public. My enjoyment is the engineering and building. I ride and test the line, but the most usage is from the grandkids.

We started in 2006 and have been working more or less steadily. We will have 660' of mainline and a siding or 2 for storage and passing as well as a 40' trestle and 1 siding to a future storage barn.

We have an engine and flatcar. The engine is a Generic Electric from Plum Cove Studios. Each axel is powered by a  24 volt motor. It uses 2 deep cycle marine batteries supply power. The flat car is also a Plum Cove Studios kit. I have replaced the trucks with a set from Tom Bee. These are much heaver and hold the track better.

We have various items that attach to the flatcar including seats and a gondola box for doing ballast work on the track. Additional cars will be in the works.

This railroad is still  under construction, as is this web site, so check back for updates.

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